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Your Pets Deserve much more than regural food to make it happy, Reward your Rabbits / Guineapigs / Small Pets with treats when they make you happy, You Can also use these Treats to train your Rabbit / Guineapigs and other small pets. The Best part is these treats are designed in such a way it helps them with Dental health and Digestive sysytem cleansing as it is very high in Fibre and made of more 70% Natural Timothy Hay. Rabbits/Guinea Pigs/other small pets by nature have teeth that continuously grow to forage (Bite and Chew) on Hay/Grass/Natural foods in the wild, when not provided such food they tend to grow very big and cause lots of distress to the pets.

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INR Rabbit and Pets Farm, Karubele Road, H Gollahalli, Near Kengeri,, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560060